Our Process

Our Process

ACP runs Australia’s largest polymer identification and flake manufacturer plant.

We are proud to lead the way in innovative technology and deliver a sustainable solution to the global plastics crisis by removing plastics waste from the environment.

With a $20 million dollar state-of-the-art facility and processing capability of 70,000 tonnes a year – equivalent to almost half of all plastics currently recovered across Victoria – ACP is a passionate driver of a circular economy.

Our Process

Rather than plastic being collected, sent overseas, reprocessed then sent back to Australia we close the loop and find a sustainable solution locally.

Our process involves transforming large quantities of low-value contaminated mixed plastics from households, commercial and industrial factories into high-quality commodities that can go directly into the manufacture of new products.

This involves sorting and cleaning plastic by polymer type specific to customer requirements, with the end result being a high-quality plastic flake that can be sold and made into more plastic products.

Our Process

Our process

  • 01


    Receive the various plastic streams from our contracted suppliers.

  • 02


    Send plastic through our sorting facility which identifies individual polymers types and colour.

  • 03

    Remove steel and aluminium 

    Remove steel and aluminium containers if found within the stream.

  • 04

    Remove Waste

    Remove small amounts of waste if found.

  • 05


    Individual polymers are either fed directly through to the Flaking & Washing systems or baled into Work in Progress stock for use when required

  • 06


    The flakes from each plant are sorted by size, colour and purity, washed and bagged into bulk bags ready for dispatch

  • 07


    The flakes are sold to local and overseas customers for reuse in manufacturing new bottles, containers and other products

Should your business, government or region be looking for a sustainable plastics solution, Advanced Circular Polymers is well placed to help.

“Our process closes the loop and delivers a genuinely sustainable solution that has wide-ranging benefits.”

– Harry Wang, Founder and Managing Director, Advanced Circular Polymers

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